WAYPOINT: an intermediate point on a route or line of travel


The Waypoints Program offers financial planning that’s tailored specifically for business owners and professionals seeking alignment between personal and professional goals. With your own personal online wealth management portal, you can organize all your investment and banking accounts, monitor and manage your portfolios, securely store important financial documents, manage household and business spending, and so much more. Accessible 24/7.


Together we will uncover the sources of anxiety that prevent you from moving towards your goals.

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With the WAYPOINTS PROGRAM, you have someone to help you along the way, keep you accountable for your financial actions, and help you to gain insight into effective business and personal financial decisions.

If you’re ready to start making informed financial decisions with an independent, fee-only financial planner who understands the issues small business owners and entrepreneurs face, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let Blue Keel help you get on the right course to reach your financial waypoints.


Since your financial life is really more a journey than a destination, it’s important to plot a course in a way that makes sense for you. No matter how much time you have to reach your goals.

That’s why Blue Keel created the WAYPOINTS PROGRAM to guide you from point-to-point and help you find the right path to reach your goals.


Working together, we will:

  • Build and maintain a step-by-step (or waypoint-by-waypoint) plan to help you reach your financial goals
  • Use CASH FLOW ANALYSIS to better understand your personal and business cash inflows and outflows
  • Build an emergency fund, so you have money if something unexpected happens with the business or at home
  • Gain a better understanding of your total investment portfolio (taxable and qualified retirement plan allocation alignment)
  • Explore retirement plan options for small business owners to help save more for later years and lower current taxable income
  • Cut the cost of college using our new approach to College Funding
  • Review/update succession planning, beneficiary information and important estate planning documents as life happens


Monthly Financial Action Plans




Let’s talk about your situation and discuss how Blue Keel can help you reach your goals.

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If you’re not looking for a comprehensive financial plan, Blue Keel can still help you with specific concerns or issues. This can be useful to you if there are only one or two areas of concern, such as reviewing your investments or figuring out a debt repayment plan.


With a QUICK START SESSION, we’ll accomplish three things:

  1. Discuss your current financial situation and goals
  2. Identify the issues, concerns and questions that require some guidance
  3. Discuss available options and give you at least one simple step to implement immediately



Schedule time to discuss the causes of anxiety in your financial life.

Small changes to your plan now can lead to big results later.