usiness owners, entrepreneurs and their families have more than just retirement to consider when designing investment portfolios:


  • Coordination of multiple accounts in a multi-income household
  • Tax implications and costs associated with owning and growing a business
  • Multiple short- and intermediate-term goals, both personal and professional
  • Unpredictable income streams that require effective planning and customized portfolio allocations
  • Ever-increasing education costs for your children, even before college


Using a multi-step process, Blue Keel will design and manage an investment portfolio that reflects who you are and where you want to be – not only in retirement, but at all those points along the way.

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Blue Keel offers fees that are fair and reasonable in light of our experience and the services we provide to you. Fees are assessed monthly and are based on a percentage of assets under management.

Do you understand what securities you own, why you own them, and how much you pay to own them? Let Blue Keel help you uncover fees that you won’t find on your current statements and ensure total transparency of fees when managing your portfolio.



Blue Keel strives to create portfolios that contain investment vehicles that are diversified, tax-efficient, and low-cost whenever practical; typically holdings are a broad range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds.

Each client has a unique set of financial needs and goals that evolve as their lives change. That’s why Blue Keel uses a Core + Satellite strategy to seek growth while also managing risk through appropriate asset allocation. We primarily employ low-cost ETFs and mutual funds as the basis or “core” of a portfolio, and use a mix of either actively-managed mutual funds or individual stocks to build smaller “satellite” positions to take advantage of tactical opportunities.