A New Approach to Planning For College


At Blue Keel, our role as a financial planner goes beyond simply telling you to save for the cost of college.


Our college funding process helps you:

Reduce stress and anxiety surrounding college funding

Understand how financial aid works

Develop strategies to reduce the cost of college

Ease any guilt that you have not done enough to prepare

paying for college

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A New Approach to Paying for College

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Start by breaking down the parts

Working together, we will prepare an executable plan by understanding how to balance your current lifestyle with professional, retirement and college funding goals.

We will help demystify financial aid and empower you with our process so you know exactly how you will pay for all four years of college.


A proactive way to choose a college

Going through our process is similar to getting pre-approved for a mortgage when you buy a home. Armed with a comprehensive college funding plan, you can search for the schools that will provide the most financial aid based on your financial need and/or your child’s merit before you schedule your first college visit.

Are you one of the 60% of families who have not implemented a College Savings Strategy?

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“We will work with you to anticipate your college funding needs and help you close the gap between what you have saved and the cost of a college education.”

– Charlie Shipman, Managing Principal

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