usiness owners and their families have more than just retirement to consider when designing investment portfolios. Blue Keel specializes in independent, fee-only portfolio management with business owners in mind.


  • Coordination of multiple accounts in a multi-income household
  • Tax implications and costs associated with owning and growing a business
  • Multiple short- and intermediate-term goals, both personal and professional
  • Unpredictable income streams that require effective planning and customized portfolio allocations
  • Ever-increasing education costs for your children, even before college

Using a rigorous multi-step process, Blue Keel will design, manage and constantly monitor a customized investment portfolio that reflects who you are and where you want to be – not only in retirement, but at every point along the way.


Complimentary Consultations

Do you really know what stocks you own? Our complimentary, in-depth portfolio reviews provide you with key insights about your current investments and help identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • We will show you how your current portfolio is allocated and where it falls on the risk tolerance spectrum.
  • We will show you any exposure your investments have to various risks and how they may impact attaining your goals.
  • We will show you what you pay in fees and expenses, including the mutual fund expense ratios you won't find on your statements.
  • We will show you any overexposures to specific stocks or sectors within mutual funds or ETFs you currently own.



Each client has a unique set of financial needs and goals that evolve as their lives change.

Blue Keel uses a Core + Satellite strategy to seek growth while also managing risk through appropriate asset allocation and selection based on each client’s risk profile.

We primarily employ low-cost, tax-efficient ETFs and mutual funds as the basis or “core” of a portfolio; and a mix of either actively-managed mutual funds or individual stocks to build smaller “satellite” positions to take advantage of tactical opportunities.


Partnering with TD Ameritrade Institutional as our preferred custodian allows Blue Keel to provide powerful institutional resources, asset security, and broad investment choices to our clients – while bringing the value of true objectivity as an independent, fee-only advisor. Through this partnership, Blue Keel’s investment managers have access to leading research from TD Ameritrade Institutional, Standard & Poor’s, Argus, Vickers, Ford, and more.