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Bring Order To Your Financial Life

“We’re experts at helping clients who want to maximize after-tax income, fund their children’s college education without robbing retirement, and align their own needs with passing on a legacy.”

Charlie Shipman, Founder & Managing Principal


No commissions  +  No kickbacks  +  No hidden fees  =  Full Transparency

What Blue Keel Does Differently

We incorporate 6 VALUE PRINCIPLES into our rigorous financial planning, portfolio management, and college funding processes to help you stay committed to managing your wealth plan and avoid emotion-based decisions:


Blue Keel will help bring order to your financial life at the “macro” and “micro” levels:

  1. “Macro” level: Investments, Insurance, Estate, and Taxes
  2. “Micro” level: Household and Business Cash Flows

Blue Keel will help you stay focused and committed to building and managing your wealth by working with you to:

  1. Prioritize Your Goals
  2. Show You the Steps You Need to Take
  3. Regularly Review Your Progress Towards Achieving Them

Blue Keel will help you avoid making important financial decisions driven by emotion by:

  1. Providing Insight Based on 15 Years of Experience in Wealth Management, Family Office Services and Accounting
  2. Being Available for Consultation at Key Moments of Decision-Making
  3. Conducting the Research Necessary to Make Informed Decisions

Blue Keel will work with you to anticipate your needs and be financially prepared for them at every stage of your life by:

  1. Routinely Assessing any Potential Life Transitions
  2. Developing a Plan Ahead of Time to Address and Manage Needs

Blue Keel identifies what specific knowledge will be needed to succeed in reaching your goals by:

  1. Thoroughly Understanding Your Situation
  2. Facilitating Your Decision-Making Process With Necessary Resources (Workshops, Education Tools)
  3. Providing You With Options and Identifying the Risks Associated With Each Choice

Blue Keel will work with you, and not just for you, to help you achieve the best “life return” possible by:

  1. Taking the Time to Clearly Assess Your Situation (Background, Values, Needs and Objectives)
  2. Working Collaboratively With You and on Your Behalf (With Your Permission) While Offering Full Transparency Around Our Own Costs and Compensation

Ready to get your financial life organized?


Your Own Online Wealth Management Portal

You can organize your financial life and stay in-the-know. Accessible 24/7.

Features include: consolidated accounts organizer, interactive charts for investments, track spending, budgeting tools to help reach savings goals, financial workshops, vault to securely store financial documents, screen sharing for interactive planning, etc.

Blue Keel is an Independent, Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor in Westport, CT.

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