Fee-only Financial Advisor

Helping Business Owners and Professionals Attain and Maintain Wealth


Financial Planning

Blue Keel can help organize your financial life, align your personal and professional finances, and chart a course to navigate around obstacles and successfully reach your destination.

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Portfolio Management

Blue Keel can help design, implement, and monitor a low-cost ETF portfolio that’s customized to you and your objectives. No commissions. No hidden fees. Full transparency.

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College Funding

Blue Keel can help to ensure your student graduates college with manageable student loan debt without robbing retirement. You will know exactly how you will pay for college down to the penny.

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Let Us Bring Order To Your Financial Life

“As a trusted fiduciary and financial expert, we always act in our client’s best interest

to help grow their business, maximize their after-tax income, and align their own needs

with passing on a legacy to their heirs”

– Charlie Shipman, Founder and Managing Principal

Developing customized investment portfolios for business owners and executives requires more than just retirement planning.

At Blue Keel, we do more than simply help our clients design, implement and monitor their investment portfolios.


  • We organize and coordinate accounts in multi-income households.
  • We weigh the tax implications and costs associated with also owning and growing a business when making investment allocation and location decisions.
  • We include multiple short, intermediate and long-term goals to better align personal and professional objectives.
  • We evaluate unpredictable income streams that require effective cash flow planning year-to-year and customize portfolio allocations to ensure smooth sailing.

Are You Ready to Chart Your Course?

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